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Autosys V4.5 and R11 HA Dual-DB mode

Question asked by JanLiang on Nov 16, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2009 by JanLiang
We have configured our current Autosys V4.5 environment with High Availability/ Dual -DB mode (with a tie-breaker server).The challenge we face with this configuration is we must shutdown the Autosys to synch databases to bring Autosys back in HA/Dual-DB mode if one of the Autosys server's database is down.We  are asked to look into a "transparent redundancy" Autosys environment on both V4.5 (Sybase 12.5) and R11 (Oracle 10g) as such:When one of the Autosys database servers is down, the Autosys infrastructure should be still running without any human interaction. Once the 'bad' Autosys server is fixed and brought back on-line again, the Autosys infrastructure should resume back in redundancy mode without shutting down Autosys infrastructure.  I am wondering if any one knows  there a way to set up Autosys V4.5 and R11 to meet this requirement.   Do you know if there is any document available from CA for  the details how to set  it up? What changes needed to make for the current v4.5 on both Autosys servers and remote agents?  Thanks in advance.Jan Liang