R11 in Production Use?

Discussion created by CKORBUT on Jan 7, 2010
Hi,  I'm looking at upgrading from Autosys 4.5 to R11.       Just wondering who currently has R11 installed and in production use and how they set up their environments.        I'm looking at setting up high availability and redundancy for the event servers, web application (WCC), and eTrust IAM.          1)   What  hardware and OS  are you using for the event servers?2)   What hardware and OS  are you using for WCC?3)   What hardware and OS  are you using for eTrust IAM?4)    How did you configure your hardware environment for high availability and redundancy?5)   Any issues with installation and configuration?6)   Any issues with stability?7)   If you had to do over again, any recommendations or changes?      Thanks in Advance!Chris Korbut