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CA-7 Dependency on CICS regions / system messages

Question asked by Gary7 on Oct 16, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2012 by lehner.bryan
Does anyone use CICS regions as dependencies for CA-7 jobs?
We attempted to use External Task Tracking, but 2 issues were encountered:  1.    If the region comes down in error too early, it would satisfy the requirement on its successors.  2.    During an IPL, our ICOMs come down before the CICS regions; therefore CA-7 does not recognize the CICS shutdown.
CA suggested using VRM, but that would not work, again if the region comes down in error too early.
Currently our Automation team has helped us by using AF Operator to pick up on a system message between specific time periods that recognizes that the CICS region came down successfully during that time frame. We want to remove our dependency from AF Operator and use CA-7 for all production job activities.
CA-JOBTRAC has an Automated Message Recognition facility which can take actions based system messages, but there’s nothing like that in CA-7.  Does anybody have any suggestions?   I think checking between time periods is the key.