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Problems invoking REXX through scheduled event.

Question asked by skapla on Feb 29, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2013 by dt24048
Hello,[left]  [left] I'm having problems invoking an application with a simple REXX script, but only when it is scheduled through an event in ESP.   We are using ESP version 5.4 currently.[left]  [left] The kicker is, everything works as expected when I trigger the event manually.[left]  [left] The application looks like this:[left]  [left] APPL V5272SLA                                              
 JCLLIB OPS.EXEC.JCL                                
  REXXON GEN                                                
    DO I = 1 TO J                                        
JOB V5272.LATE LINK PROCESS                  
 RUN ANYDAY                                                  
 DUEOUT INPUT 17:00                                  
 EARLYSUB 17:01                                          
ENDJOB                                                            [left]  [left]  [left] Essentially, I only want the link process to run when a job V5272 in application DSTRIG does NOT exist on the CSF.   This is designed to alert someone if a dataset triggered job does not kick off by 5pm.   The dataset triggered job itself has its definition built dynamically, so it's not possible to track it there.   Instead, I'm trying to trigger this application at 5pm, which creates a link process (only if the monitored job does not exist on CSF).   It intentionally falls overdue and sends out a notification.[left]  [left] The error I am getting is an incorrect function call for JOBONCSF.   Again, this only happens when the event is called through the schedule statement.   If I trigger it manually, everything works as expected.[left]  [left] ESP_2578I MESSAGE FROM EVENT ESP.V5272SLA                                        
        1 +++ J=JOBONCSF('V5272','X')                                                      
IRX0040I Error running exec, line 1: Incorrect call to routine
IRX0040I Error running exec, line 1: Incorrect call to routine
***[left]  [left] Does anyone have any ideas, why this would happen, or what can be done to correct it?   I'm open to other ways of doing this as well.[left]  [left] Thank you.[left]  [left]