ESP events disappear off ESP proxy system

Discussion created by MIKHAILO on Mar 23, 2009
End user reports that ESP event that is scheduled on weekdays for quite a while stopped scheduling on Wednesday 18MAR2009 for no apparent reason.   A little research indicated that the event in question was only scheduled on a certain proxy system --- but it was visible in the event control menu from that proxy system though it was visble in the event control menu from the ESP master system.        /*************************************************/                              
CALENDAR COMARCAL                                                                                                  
SCHEDULE 17.00 WEEKDAYS DAILY STARTING TUE 17TH MAR 2009                    
SUBMIT 'CXCOMAR.ESP.COMARJCL.CNTL(DXCGOSAR)'                                            
ENDDEF              xcf d g                                                                                                                                              
 Group=ESP, Member=ESPL, TermOpt=Quiesce                                                                              
 Group       Member                     System     ASID Jobname   SSID ESP         Status                    
 ESP           ESPJ                         CPUJ         0055 ESP           ESP   Proxy     Active                    
 ESP           ESPL                         CPUL         002E ESP           ESP   Proxy     Active                    
 ESP           MASTER                     CPUJ         0066 ESPMASTR ESPM Master   Active         I have seen this a couple of times but do not have any idea  what might be causing this problem. I am wondering if anyone has seen this problem and knows what causes it to happen.   After a restart of all the ESP systems this weekend the event is again visible from the proxy system (ESPL) and so is presumably  going to schedule correctly for at least a while.       Thanks       Michael E. EllisDeere & Company z/OS Services 400 19th StreetMoline, IL 61265Email: ellismichaele@johndeere.comWork: (309)765-0385 Fax: (309)765-5242