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NT_JOB  "initial Working Directory"  "Long File Names"

Question asked by Paul_A on Mar 4, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2010 by FredS
Running this NT_JOB command..... [left]     CMDNAME  E:\DIR1\DIR2\SOMEPROCESS.BAT
yields bad results.
The working directory is the cybermation install dir. [left] I want to have E:\DIR1\DIR2 the presentWorkingDirectory. [left] I also don't want to change several .BAT files. [left]  
  [left] In manual  " ESP System Agent R7 Administrators Guide.pdf " page#176..........
Modify ESP Agent parameters by editing the agentparm.txt file.
        oscomponent.initialworkingdirectory= SCRIPT
to make the  presentWorkingDirectory  the directory in the CMDNAME line.
This does work.
Unfortunately, the agent randomly stops running using this parm.  
We have since stopped  using this parameter. [left] [left]   [left]   [left][left][left] One work-around to change presentWorkingDirectory is to run the job as follows........... [left]     CMDNAME C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CMD.EXE                                                                                  
    ARGS E:\DIR1\DIR2\SOMEPROCESS.BAT                                                                    
This works, but now there is no spool file produced. [left]   [left] Another reason to run as follows............... [left]     CMDNAME C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CMD.EXE                                                                                  
    ARGS E:\DIR1\DIR2\SOMEPROCESS.BAT                                                                    
is to support longFileNames (or ESP tries to use 8.3 names). [left]   [left] A reason not to use CMD.exe is that the process is logged as CMD.exe in the task list. [left] In a shared environment (maybe several cmd.exe's), what task gets killed if you want to clear up a process? [left]   [left] I've found this out by testing. [left] I have not found this in any manuals. [left] I personally find the manuals poor in helping me solve problems. [left] In support calls, the CA owner of the call deals with the same anemic  manuals in solving a problems. [left]   [left]   [left] 1) Does anyone have any insight/workArounds to the  above? [left]   [left] 2) What do others think of the manuals?   Any ideas on how can they be improved? [left]   [left]   [left]   [left] Thanks in advance for replies. [left]