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Server based workload balancing for a jobstream

Question asked by LenMack on Apr 7, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2010 by Nick_Colicchio
Morning All,  I have a user that wants to use the server based workload balancing functionality of ESP, but with a twist that all the jobs in the application need to run on the same server.   Out of the box the server availability is determined at job execution time which means JOB-A could go to server 1 and JOB-B could go to server 2.    I need both jobs to route to the same server, but want to use workload balancing to each time the jobstream is initiated so it's going to the most available server at that time.   It's only a set of 2 jobs currently, one drops a file on the server and the second processes it.  I have it set up currently so that the server name and path are variables for both jobs.   My thought was to create another 'dummy' job to run ahead of everything that would have the AGENT ********* ROUTING in it and assign the actual servername to the correct variable.    The problem with this appears to be potentially be twofold.   Number 1, I cannot locate built variable (something like %ESPAGENT would be perfect if it existed) that would have the resolved servername to input to my variable.   Number 2, based on the doc it looks like that a variable created in a specific job is only for that job and is not available to the rest of the jobs in the proc.  I'm working with an ESP 5.5 master and R7 Windows agents if that helps.  Any input/thoughts/help is appreciated.  Thanks,  Len