Disable E-Mail Alerts for All Users

Discussion created by TomConnery on Feb 14, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2012 by Owen_R
[left] My co-worker worked with CA support to arrive at the following SQL script which will 'uncheck' all of the email alert settings for each resource/user in Clarity.   I figured I'd post it in case anyone else out there had an interest in disabling email alerts.   Obviously, the user can go into their account and check the alert boxes to re-enable it.   If you really want them turned  off, schedule the SQL script to run daily.   This was tested and is now running  on a MSSQL  server running Clarity 8.1.   Hopefully this post will encourage others to begin uploading there custom scripts to the forums.   It would be nice to share Clarity scripts across the community.   Hopefully someone else can find this particular one useful.[left]  [left]  [left]

WARNING... we never got this to work right...