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Marking Fixed Units tasks 100% complete

Question asked by pdjohnson on Mar 2, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2008 by pdjohnson
Hi,[left]  [left] We are having a problem marking fixed units tasks as 100% complete when they have no actuals. When we mark a fixed units task with no actuals as 100% complete in MS Project, it removes the remaining work and the start date and end date stay the same (this is as expected). However, when we save to Clarity and then open this project in MSP again, the task shrinks to 0 days duration and the whole project plan moves in.[left]  [left] We could mark the task as fixed duration, but doing this has a number of drawbacks that we would like to avoid. Does anyone know how to keep a fixed units task with no actuals from shrinking to 0 day duration after saving to Clarity?[left]