Reading mutliple financial plans using XOG

Discussion created by matpj on Apr 15, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2008 by matpj
Hi allm[left]  [left] i'm sure I have been able to read out multiple projects by using the 'OR' crtieria followed by a comma seperated list of projects.[left] When I try to perform the same criteria with the financial_planning_read.xml file, it does not seem to work.[left]  [left] can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong?[left] here is my XML:[left]  Header version =" 7.5.3 " action =" read " objectType =" financial_planning " externalSource =" NIKU "/>
Query >
Filter name =" projectID " criteria =" OR "> DST008188, DST008189, DST008190 Filter >
Query >  [left] regards,[left] Matt[left]