ActionObject...Usage and purpose...

Discussion created by alincoln on Jun 19, 2008
Hi all,

Can anyone discuss and/or explain the purpose of the ActionObject element in XOG?

I've tested it in a few trials to see how it works and the differences it puts in the XOG response file. I guess I'm not seeing the true advantage (if any) in using this element. Our current Java batch cycle utilizes the SOAP API, but all of our SOAP requests generally start with the element and we simply include the action="read/write" attribute.

Right now, I'm seeing the following differences:
- When using the ActionObject, you don't seem to specifiy the action="" attribute in the NikuDataBus element.
- The XML response file has a new top level XML element that indicates the action, object and "Response".

Am I missing something?

thx in advance,