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XOG Failure when trying to XOG in TaskID's with the tasks

Question asked by matpj on Jul 21, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2008 by ca.portal.admin
Hi all,I am preparing an XML file to XOG in a project containing some tasks (all at outline level 1, not summary or milestone etc)If I add the taskID field the XOG fails with the error:  ErrorInformation >   Severity > FATAL Severity >   Description > Project Object insert failed Description >    Exception > com.niku.union.utility.UtilityNestedException: Invalid expression xogprojectapi('2',$OT_ASSIGNMENT,assignment.delete): 115 : null: 115 : null; ---> nested java.lang.Exception: 115 : null Exception >   ErrorInformation >      The project insert works with no taskID's specified.  Does anyone know why this is, or what I am doing wrong?  thanks,  Matt