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LDAP Authentication

Question asked by sundar on Aug 7, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2008 by sundar
Hi, we are now integrating with LDAP.we are using clarity 7.5.2 Fixpack 02.we have configured LDAP in NSA.we are just using for Authentication From LDAP no Authorization withAccess rights.we just want to get authenticated from LDAP and log in to clarity.The access rights will be controlled in Clarity itself.So we are not using the 2 LDAP Jobs.We are able to log in using LDAP userid / pwd,but the issue we are facing is even though the user is configured in LDAP and if the LDAP user wrongly type the password for more than 3 times then it get locked in Clarity.It should'nt do so becuase the user is choosen External authentication and in cmn_sec_users the IS_LDAP field is set to 1.Why here alsoit is validating in Clarity Database.What is wrong.we want the authorization to be happen only in LDAP not in clarity.Will any body help us in solving the issue.