Resource Hard and Soft Booking

Discussion created by sundar on Sep 17, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2008 by sundar
Hi folks, We are using clarity FP02 027.Have any one using Hard and Soft Booking for Resource Allocation in projects.We have not usingthat option until now,but suddenly our Resource Management Team (RM) is looking to use for booking the resources. In our current scenoria PM's will defaultly Hardbook all the resources.So even after the project assignment is over for the resources they will not release them.So the RM didn't know which resources are free or really engaged. So our Resource Management Team wants to provide access to PMs (All PM"S is under an PM Group)who can soft book a resource for a given time period, which will be approved by Resource Management Team(An Group in clarity)for hard booking and users can enter time sheets for projects on which they are hard booked. After this period,when the project assignment is over the users should go back in to the Resource pool (Bench) and PM has to soft book again if he needs the resource. How to achieve this,can any body provide an solution.Is it feasible to use resource allocation fully in 7.5.2? Sundar