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SQL to Add OBS of Resources

Question asked by TomConnery on Sep 17, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2010 by ramp80
I have the following SQL written for a custom resource portlet.  What I need to finally add is the OBS that the resource is assigned or associated to.  Our company wants the format showing all OBS levels, for example.  LEvel1\level2\level3\level4\etc..   Is this possible? And if so, can someone help me ad OBS data to this report and map it to the corresponding resource?  Thanks   SELECT C.ID, C.USER_NAME, C.LAST_NAME, C.FIRST_NAME, CASE R.PERSON_TYPE WHEN '300' THEN 'Employee' WHEN '301' THEN 'Contractor' ELSE 'NULL' END as 'Employee Type', CASE C.USER_STATUS_ID WHEN '200' THEN 'Active' WHEN '201' THEN 'In-Active' ELSE 'Locked' END as 'USER STATUS', N.ROLE_NAME, R.DATE_OF_HIRE, N.MANAGER_LAST_NAME, N.MANAGER_FIRST_NAMEFROM CMN_SEC_USERS C, NBI_RESOURCE_CURRENT_FACTS N, SRM_RESOURCES RWHERE C.ID = N.RESOURCE_ID AND C.ID = R.ID ORDER BY C.LAST_NAME