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Problem XOG-ing out portlets in 8.1

Question asked by Dave on Sep 18, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2008 by Dave
Hi, I have encountered a problem when trying to XOG a portlet out of an 8.1 environment (using the standard portlets_read.xml); I create a really simple NSQL query; SELECT @SELECT:DIM:USER_DEF:IMPLIED:***:P.ID:PRJ_ID@FROM SRM_PROJECTS PWHERE @FILTER@  then create a simple grid portlet on that query. I can happily XOG that portlet out of the 8.1 environment. HOWEVER, if I go back into the query an add a simple LINK to it (to "Project Properties" using prj_id) and then try to XOG out the portlet.... it fails! (Using PC based XOG client it gets a "java.lang.OutOfmemoryError: Java heap space" and trying the secret "xog.client" web-pagein the application it does that funny thing where the output seems to be the entire application configuration (rather explaining why the otherroute ran out of space)). If I then remove the link from the query, it all works OK again!! I have tried this on a number of different portlets/querys in 3 different 8.1 (FP02 and FP03) environments and it always fails where thequery has a link in it. This is a real pain for me as I build linking portlets all over the place! Anyone else had this / know what this is all about? [We will be raising with CA-Support so I'll post the answer (if they come up with one!!)] DavidMortonCapgemini