Process Engine

Discussion created by labaublitz on Sep 18, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2008 by ca.portal.admin
I really need some help with the Process Engine.  I've submitted a case to CA Support, but I'd really like to know about the experiences of other users.  We only have 2 processes activated, and we only have 10s of users and 10s of process instances.  And, it just seems that very often the user has to refresh several times to actually see the process action results on their record.  For example, we have a process that locks fields on a form upon updating a certain field on the form.  Users have to refresh several times to get the locked fields.  And, if there's a bunch of users initiating process instances at once (and by "a bunch" I'm talking about no more than 10 users), the browser hangs and they have to log back in.  We've even had to stop and restart the services to get things "going" again.  The Process just seems to be sluggish.  I've configured 5 pipelines per queue, there are no errors, the engine status is often "cannot be determined", and I've kept the defaults in the NSA (exception interval, etc...).  The Process Engine is being run in the bg instance.  Does anyone have any advice for us???