BG Engine/Process Engine Best Practice

Discussion created by TomConnery on Sep 23, 2008
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I'm looking for information that can guide me in setting up bg services.  Currently, I have a two-pc application cluster.  Each app server runs two bg services, bg and bg2.  We have customized the properties.xml and hosts.xml file in able to add a service called bg2.  Our issue is, we think that creating our own custom bg2 could be causeing issues with processes in Clarity. I'm not looking for someone to solve my problem, just post some good info on how their bg engines are setup.  ie. number of bg's per server or environment, # of processes they are configed to run, etc.. Currently, each of my two bg's on each app server are setup with: maxConcurrentJobs="40" runProcessEngine="true" messageTimeToLive="120" messageReceiverInterval="5" exceptionRunInterval="30"/>     Please reply with some best practice info that may help my environment, I'm not sure how to configure process engines to best suit our needs. Thanks