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XML question on characters types '-'

Question asked by JenM on Oct 9, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2008 by sivasairam
I'm new to xml so learning as I go.   Going form xml to xog into Clarity resources/roles; I have a question on best practice of using '-' dash and '&'  in non unique fields (id).In my application they have used both in the Resource/Role name.   When I try and xog in a dash in the name it converted it to a box. I can correct the & in the xml by appending the &     Is there a solution for the dash?   Displayed in Clarity:     GI Network Engr � Remote Access   In my xml code: "GI Network Engr â€" Remote Access"    I made the correction in the application to change the box to a dash.   ARE there any negative implications in using (&, -)  that you know of when used in a non_unique field, but in a required field.