Clarity 8.1.1, Ora10g on Sun T5120: Performance Problem

Discussion created by dtietze on Oct 16, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2008 by ca.portal.admin
Hi. We have completed a recent customer installation of Clarity 8.1.1, running on Solaris 10, against an Oracle 10g database, on a Sun T5120 server (with T2000 processor; 8GB RAM, 2-Core, 32 thread architecture). The performance of this installation is TERRIBLE (even with just one user active)!! I am at a loss as to what we could optimize or configure to make it perform better. The T2000 in the T5120 should, by rights, be blazingly fast. Does anyone have experience with configuring Oracle 10g and Clarity 8.1.1 to run on this architecture? Are there maybe some optimization hints (kernel parameters, Oracle parameters, etc.) that you could share? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Daniel.