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Error Processing

Question asked by Chris_Shaffer_hcsc on Oct 23, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2008 by sivasairam
So far I have done some simple processes with action items but now I am wondering if something was possible. Is it possible to define a path of steps to execute if one step fails? For example. You have a process that baselines a project. But a baseline already exists... That step would fail. But instead of the process ending there, I want the flow to go to another step which can send a customized email to the user letting them know the cause and what to do. This would be a different email from the generic "Step failed" email.  I am also thinking this could come in handy if attributes are set and a step fails in the middle and the error logic could be used to rollback the changes.  (Right now we are on 7.5.3 for a short while before we make the upgrade to 8.1)