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XOGGING Skills -- Urgent

Question asked by sundar on Nov 7, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2008 by sivasairam
Hi,     Any one have the template to upload skills.i need to upload the skills which will be having parent skills.  i.e skill path will be technology/database/oracle where database is the parent skill for oracle and technology is the parent skill  for database.when xog out the skills using rsm_skills_read i got like this    skill isActive =" false " name =" Technical " skillCode =" Technical ">   description > description >   skill isActive =" false " name =" Database " skillCode =" Database ">   description > description >   skill isActive =" false " name =" oracle1 " skillCode =" oracle1 ">   description > test 3 ]]> description >   skill >      There is no parent skill mentioned here but in the application it will be technology/database/oracle under Parent skill for skill oracle .  we will get an excel template from our business.How to upload it.  Help is appreciated as iam not that familar with XOG.     regards,  sundar