PRJ-07002: Update operation failed

Discussion created by sundar on Dec 26, 2008
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Hi, we are using clarity 7.5.2 fixpack 02.we are facing an error in our development environment.we imported the pdn dump on our  server and then installed the database,xml,reports.We run the healthcheck report it says everything is fine. But when we try to XOg the projects it throws that it is locked,when we try to update the project propertie and save via application it throws and error stating that PRJ-07002: Update operation failed. the project cannot be locked error. The the Jobs is not working.It is also shows as lock in the logs.i have enclosed all the logs.pls check and help me. i also tried the solution provided by CA for PRJ-07002: Update operation failed ,removed the project-approve all rights and tried butstill the same issue. sundar