Start No Earlier Than (SNET) task constraint

Discussion created by picis on Dec 30, 2008
Hello CA Community! I am strugging with task constraints and the interface between Clarity and MS Project.  We create our project plans in MSP, then save them to Clarity.  MSP creates the Start No Earlier Than (SNET) date and populates it in Clarity automatically.  If the project manager edits the Task Start Date to LESS THAN the SNET date from within Clarity, it allows them to do so AND does not update the SNET date.  When that project is exported to MSP, MSP overwrites the Start Date with the SNET date; this is a problem.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Are there any work arounds?  I thought of setting up a process to set the SNET date equal to the Start Date if Start Date process dates, they need to be static values. Thanks,- Mark