Copy Financial Plan from Template in a Process

Discussion created by MikeMahaney on Jan 12, 2009
Working in 8.1.1, I created a Clarity process with the system action "Copy Financial Plan from Template".   The primary object is Project and this is linked to thisTemplate ( a specific template).   The process autostarts upon update to a specific project attribute.   The objective is to automatically copy the cost plan from the template to the project.   However, the step with the "Copy Financial Plan from Template" system action is not executed.  I also noticed that if a process with a template is set up to allow manual start, it is not possible to view the process from "Available Processes" within a project.   The process can only be viewed from the template itself, which is no help.  Has anyone been successful in using the "Copy Financial Plan from Template" system action?   Any ideas as to how to get this process to work?  Alicearoth@axisgroup.com