Process that gives an early warning

Discussion created by Eugenio on Jan 13, 2009
Hi, everyone. I'm trying to create a process that gives an early warning. Specifically, when a calculated attribute that calculates the difference between a specific date and today's date is 15, the process should trigger, giving the responsible an alert that warns him about this. The thing is that I've already created this but the process never starts. Here's a quick explanation of the steps: 1 - Go to Project object and create two attributes. One is a date attribute (date_att), the other is a calculated (DateDiff(Now(),date_att,"Days"). This one we'll call date_dif. Put them both anywhere on the Edit part of a Project.2 - Create a new Process with Project as the main Object.3 - Start Options are "Update" and the condition is that date_diff==15.4 - Create a step where the process sends an alert to, say, the Manager.5 - Validate and activate the process.6 - Go to a project, change the value of date_att so that date_dif shows "15".7 - See that the Process doesn't start. Am I doing something wrong? Is there an alternative to what I'm trying to do? Thanks in advance. Eugenio Teran