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Xogging the System Audit Table?

Question asked by Vic on Jan 18, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2009 by sivasairam
Does anyone have any advice on where to get  or how to create a XOG read extract of the System Audit Tables?  I couldn't find anything remotely close in the \xog\xml directories that comes out of the box with 8.0.1? Currently we have Auditing turned on the Team Level when a PM or Resource Manager adds a new team member to the project at some allocation, or removes them completely.  I can't find a way to display the changes in this activity at the Project Object level.  Since this is a team object, I don't see a method or anyway to display that in a stock portlet.  I could be missing something though as we've only been operational on the system for a few months. So, my short term solution was to read the system audit table and slice and dice in excel until I can get more experience in the data structures. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Vic