OWB : Missing menu bar

Discussion created by Dave on Feb 18, 2009
One of our users opens up OWB and the menu bar (File / Edit / View / Tools / Window / Help) is always missing. They have changed machines and we have even recently upgraded OWB from 1.1.4 to 1.1.6 (along with out move from 753 to 81) and this problem follows them around! If we "Customise" the Toolbar, we can see the check box for "Menu Bar" (which for this user is unchecked), but we can not change the value of this in the application. For all other users the check box against the "Menu Bar" is always checked and we can not uncheck it. -- We suspect this is something to do with the user's windows profile / registry, but our desktop's are locked down and I cant get into that without "good reason". So does anyone know what could be causing this or even what suspect-keys to look for in the registry? Thanks, David MortonCapgemini