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Action Item Assignee Comment Reply text box

Question asked by Dale_Stockman Champion on Apr 16, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2012 by Rajani
We are migrating 2000 users off an old in-house system that had field level security - Action Item assignees could not edit the action item, but they had a free text box that they could enter their action item comments in.[left] Had a case/ERQ in on this subject.   But it got closed with 'Solved/Next Action: No Solution' -- so I'm confused.[left] Have resubmitted case, today.[left] Our users aren't satisfied with just checking 'done' on an action item -- they are used to several  tools which allowed them to provide a comment, and they were expected to supply a comment.   This requirement has not changed.[left] I see  other cases, closed, on the support site asking the same question.   I  attend user group meetings and here the same frustration.[left] Have looked at  possibility of linking assignees to an entry in the Discussion\Topic list.   Thinking of creating a custom Project-Action Item Sub-object.[left] We are on FP00.02 001.[left] All we want is a simple text box on the action item that assignees can type a couple sentences into.  [left] Does anyone have a solution in use now, that gets around this problem?[left] Dale[left]