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Passing Project ID to HTML project portlet on Project Dashboard

Question asked by Dale_Stockman Champion on Apr 16, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2013 by Rajini
Does anyone know how to pass the Project ID from the project to an HTML project portlet?   We are designing portlets for the Project Dashboard using HTML so that we can get the dashboard to look like something our management team wants to see in executive reviews.   The page needs the project id, so that it can access and retrieve data from the database (sql in jsp) related to the project.  Outside of the Project Dashboard, we can run the page and display the associated data.  The jsp is reading the project id from the URL displayed in the Browers address bar.  As soon as we put the page into a portlet and add the portlet to the Project Dashboard, the portlet displays the graphics but 'no data found.'   It can read the project id from the URL.  Is there another way to pass ids to HTML portlets?  We need a solution fast.   New Business Unit is complaining that their monthly status reports, in Actuate, are to slow to generate and navigate during management reviews.   They had an old system, built in house, that could display what they wanted to see, in a format they wanted to see (all web/html based) in a second or two.   By skipping Actuate, using HTML instead, we hope to recreate what they had (look and feel), at a speed they can live with.  Dale