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Clarity Resource Allocation - remaining allocation calculated incorrectly?

Question asked by suep on Apr 21, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2009 by Chris_Hackett
I  allocate  a  resource  to  project1.  By  default in our configuration  100%  of  his  time  is  allocated. I  change  it  to  50% and  check  the  detailed  allocations,  everything seems  fine,  the  resource  is  booked  for  17.5  hours  for  the  duration  of  the project (the resource works a 35 hour week). I  try  to  allocate  the  same  resource  to  project2  for  an  interval  contained within  the  duration  of  project  1.  It  tries  to  allocate  100%  of  his  time,  and when  it  cannot,  it  presents  the  message  "The  following  resources  would  be overallocated  if  booked  for  the  full  amount  you  requested.  Do  you  want  to overallocate  them  or  to  book  only  their  remining  availability?" When  I  click  on  Remaining  Only,  I  expect  Clarity  to  allocate  17.5  hours  per week  for  the  2  week  duration  of  project  2.  Instead,  it  allocates  0.05  hours per  week.  The  project2  team  tab  shows  the  resource  as  having  been  allocated at  0.01%.   Has anyone else encountered this? Is there a workaround?