HELP Task Estimating applying of ETC top-down to tasks from within a proce

Discussion created by marlon on Apr 22, 2009
Hi -We have a custom attributed that we put on an IDEA called "Estimated total  effort" that (on conversion of the idea to a project) we want a process (system action or custom  gel script) to be able to take the value in this attribute and mimic the applying of this into the ETC of a parent task in a project using the top-down % definition applied to that projects' tasks.  This can be done manually after the Project is created by going to the parent task, go to "Estimating" tab and entering the value into ETC, pressing 'preview" then "apply", but we want to do this through a process.   Can't seem to see any 'system action' available that would do this within a process.  Has anyone done this or something similar, and if so, any sample or other info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks muchly,