Re: Secure Subpage rights

Discussion created by Chris_Hackett Employee on Apr 30, 2009
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Hello,  I checked with one of  the senior folks and below is their suggestion.   Beyind that maybe another user has suggestions or you may want to log a support ticket if appropriate.  Regards,Chris   Well, secure subpages are basically secured “viewsâ€? on specific objects.   And, since they are controlling the access to this secure subpage via a group, then it would make sense that they could view the group which has access to see its members.   However… since the rights are out there, anyone with Admin rights could assign the rights for this secure subpage to a resource outside of the group.   So… I think they’d have to run a query to be totally sure.   Here’s one that will show them all rights assignments for all users.   If they want specific users, they can put in an another AND condition (AND r.principal_id = XXXXXXX) â€" XXXXXXX represents the user_id and r.principal_type = 'USER'   SELECT r.principal_id as USER_ID, r.right_id, r.instance_type, g.group_code FROM CMN_SEC_ASSGND_RIGHT r, CMN_SEC_GROUPS g WHERE r.right_id =