Robert Ensinger

Properly "Closing Out" Resources

Discussion created by Robert Ensinger on May 1, 2009
Hi folks.     We have been simply inactivating resources when they leave the organization. At CA World I believe I overheard something like, even if the resource was inactive, if they didn't have a termination date set, all timeslicing jobs would still keep slicing and dicing the resource's future allocation data, even though they were inactive.     I recently copied some projects and discoved "hidden" allocation hours against the projects when using the Role Capacity v Demand. Seems the inactive resource copied, but were not visible by default on the Team tab. My solution was to send in the hammer -  give them termination dates, uncheck Open for Time Entry and set Track Mode to "None". I left Include in Datamart checked because I was guessing this might possibly remove the resource's historical data from the data mart.       I'd like to quit guessing. I'd like to know exactly how each of these settings impact the system as well as hear good guidelines for "Resource Closure". Any advice anyone has is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!