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Invoking SQL statements from built-in Clarity xml files

Question asked by pkrystosiak on May 5, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2009 by Chris_Hackett
Hi All,  recently I found that when converting Idea to Project no OBS associations are being copied. I found that I have to write my custom GEL script doing it manually for me everytime conversion takes place.Using SQLTrace function I found that in order to create the association Clarity uses the "projmgr.obsUnitAssociationInsert" function which can be found in %NIKU_HOME%\META-INF\projmgr\pmd\obsPMD.xml file.  My first idea was to use the INSERT statement from the file mentioned above. But here I found that I don't know how to get the nextValue for the ID column of the prj_obs_associations tableThen it came to me that I'd rather should call the function directly from the obsPMD.xml file somehow (so that everytime the function changes, like after the Clarity update, my script stays up-to-date). The problem is - I don't know how.Is anybody here aware of how to do it?  I am using r12 of Clarity and Oracle DB.  Thanking in advance for your help,Pawel Krystosiak