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How Clarity Financials process works?

Question asked by SonalVaidya on May 7, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2009 by Chris_Hackett
Hi All,      I need one help to understand financials in Clarity r12 although I know most of the things are same as 8.1 onwards. What is the exact way or steps on which transaction or financial proceed?      For example I would like to know if I post timesheet then execute post transaction to financial so after these 2 steps where the information goes & where I can find the $ cost of actual hours for which I have posted timesheet. (One more thing I would like to mention here as in clarity 753 if we post timesheet and execute job post transaction to financial all the transaction we can see in invalid transaction list as a new status, but this is not happening in r12 so where we can find transaction in r12 and check if they got posted or not.)        Any help will be really helpful.    Thanks in advance.      Regards,  Sonal