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Error 4116  Unable to begin database backup

Question asked by Quake on May 8, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2009 by Chris_Hackett
Hi  I have version arcserve 11.5 sp4os: windows server 2003 sp2  rest of backup job goes good but when it tries to backup it's own databaseit gives error Error 4116   Unable to begin database backupE4116 Unable to begin database backup. (EC=** no access rights to database [-39] (RUNTIME\DBD.C:406 - RUNTIME\DBD.C:406))
E3511 Unable to begin database backup. (EC=-1)

I'v tried this:   1.) Close all ARCserve programs (i.e. Manager, Server Admin)
2.) Stop ARCserve Database Engine Service
3.) Delete all files like *.CH? from the \ARCserve\database\ directory
4.) Start ARCserve Database Engine Service
5.) Start ARCserve Server Admin
6.) Select Database Engine tab
7.) Pull down the menu "Operation"
8.) Select "Initialize Database ..."
9.) Switch from "All Databases" to "The Database to be initialized"
10.) Select ONLY the Datbase "ASTPSDAT"
11.) Press the Initialize button