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"My Projects" lookup

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on May 8, 2009
Latest reply on May 11, 2009 by Robert Ensinger
Hi All.I'm trying to cook up a "My Projects" lookup for a portlet that is already using the user's ID to constrain the result to their projects & tasks on load.    Problem Statement: If  a users wishes to select a subset of the projects in the portlet, using the OOTB Project Browse (SCH_BROWSE_PROJECT) presents them all active projects in the system (Thbbft!).   Proposed Solution: Create a "My Projects" lookup that will use the user's ID to present them a list of their active projects.  Here's my code:SELECT @SELECT:PROJECTS.ID:ID@, @SELECT:PROJECTS.CODE:UNIQUE_NAME@, @SELECT:PROJECTS.NAME:NAME@                             FROM INV_INVESTMENTS PROJECTS, INV_PROJECTS     P JOIN PRTEAM T ON P.PRID = T.PRPROJECTID JOIN SRM_RESOURCES R ON R.ID = T.PRRESOURCEID WHERE @WHERE:SECURITY:PROJECT:PROJECTS.ID@ AND P.PRID = PROJECTS.ID AND PROJECTS.ODF_OBJECT_CODE='project' AND P.IS_TEMPLATE=0 AND (PROJECTS.PURGE_FLAG=0 OR PROJECTS.PURGE_FLAG IS NULL) AND PROJECTS.IS_ACTIVE = 1 AND (R.ID = @WHERE:PARAM:USER_ID@) AND @FILTER@  If I hard code my ID in place of the  User Parater variable (@WHERE:PARAM:USER_ID@) I can get this to show me my projects, so I think my SQL is good. a) Am I misusing the user parameter functionality? or...b)  Is this simply not going to work in a browse popup? or...c) Is my head full of puddin?  Thanks in advance for your help.