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Any ideas since the TimeSheet Object cannot be configured?

Question asked by vtleogal on May 13, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2009 by Chris_Hackett
Ok, I consider myself rather experienced:) but this one stumps me.   Our IT groups needs to be able to capture production Maint/support, Production Recovery, Admin,    by dept, by application, by Business Segment. They really don't want separate projects (projects not NPIO as they will require a WBS )In theory, I can use Charge Code to extract out the TYPE of work .. ex: any support tasks = Suppt charge code; admin = ADMIN, etc.. but the part that stumps me is how to associate an Application to the type of work performed? They need to be able to track time BY application for support. Granted, I could use the application NPIO, but the key here is all on one project for support. We have over 400 applications, so I can't create 400 tasks. So if a user spent time on these tasks : fixing tickets, support calls, password resets, and application specific user administration.. how would I captuere that by Tasks if it can be 10 different apps in a day. The timesheet model does not show available for configuration. (say to put a lookup in Time entry for applications)..   Any ideas (assuming this makes sense? )Thanks