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want to write a query for "Number of work plans/task set up through t

Question asked by Job on May 15, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2009 by Chris_Hackett
Hi All,  I want to write a query  for  " Number of work plans/task  set up through the MSP interface", ie. Say i have a xyz project into clarity with some task in it. Now i've openend xyz project into msp from clarity and added some task to it and uploaded back to clarity. Now according to the query i want the list of task that i've uploaded through msp into clarity.    I've checked the MSPFIELD table, it has in all 5 columns    PRID         PRNAME               MSPNAME         PRTYPE         PRFLAGS      where prtype = 1 then 'Project'
                    prtype = 2 then 'Resource'
                    prtype = 3 then 'Task'
                    prtype = 4 then 'Assignment'
                    prtype = 5 then 'Team'\    and         prflags = 1 then 'Import to Clarity'
                    prflags = 2 then 'Export from Clarity'
                    prflags = 3 then 'Bidirectional'    No idea about what PRID, PRNAME and MSPNAME indicates, it doesnt give any details about task like task name, task id .... and hence i cannot map it with other table.  Also when i execute the query, "select * from MSPFIELD where prtype=3 and prflags=1" i get the task which has been added through MSP   but not the details (Task name and Task ID) and hence not able to write required query.    Kindly provide your inputs on the same.    Thanks and Regards,  Job