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Cancel an existing Process Instance when something changes

Question asked by Vic on May 21, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2009 by ca.portal.admin
Here's the business logic...  we have processes that are automatically triggered when a project is created based upon the project methodology type.  these processes send action items to the project manager as gentle guidance through our developement process.  each of our processes are based upon a specific tier... the higher the cost, the more action items i.e. deliverables.  When scope or costs changes, the PM has to remember to cancel the existing process manally and restart the new process, which rarely occurs...  I'm looking to automate this.  So, what is the best way, to trigger an event, that would run a process, that could reach out and cancel another process instance?  I'm becoming somewhat gel script literate but looking at options.  I'm very open to any suggestions.  Has anyone tried to cancel an external process instance from a new process?  if so how?    Many Thanks!  Vic