Migration to Clarity from an organizational perspective

Discussion created by TallyClaritySeeker on Jun 17, 2009
We are currently using another product for PPM (I'll withhold the name but it rhymes with aptiv) .   The initial undertaking did not include extensive planning and we are finding that the overall configuration is restrictive and limiting.   We are hoping that Clarity  is a more versatile product and can meet our needs.   Although we are only in the final stages of the acquisition, we need to begin planning for the migration to a new tool to ensure success.   Does anyone have any documentation that you have developed  that describes any of the following: your strategy in regards to the OBS and partitions, your implementation plan detailing how you planned on piloting and/or rolling out the project, lessons learned?   Just some plain old first hand advice is welcome too!!   I am in the in-between stage - I know generally what Clarity does and why you want to use it but I am not ready for the technical details on how to configure resources and associate them with projects.   Any help would be greatly appreciated!!