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clarity 12 BI reports

Question asked by emeyecay on Jun 17, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2010 by Kayahan
Reports were running just fine until we implemented the redirect of the Web URL to the LB (via LB changes, BI tomcat changes and NSA report tab changes to Web URL) instead of letting the customer access the report server node itself. All access to servers behind a LB must come thru the LB. Two Linux servers - one NSA, app server, the other app server and BI installation, clarity application is LDAP enabled, BI is not.Now runnng a report presents the screen asking -   The report you requested requires further information.   Database Logon followed by various fields to be filled in.    in the BI report repository the following error is recorded for the report execution -    File /var/niku/BI/CA/SharedComponents/CommonReporting/bobje/data/procSched/chiclarity2.reportjobserver/~tmp1d655b8b9cb1900.rpt: Failed to load database information.    FW logs are clean - no issue there. request for report is going to the LB address (NSA -reporting tab Web URL) just fine.