Trying to sync a custom attribute between OWB and Clarity. OWB shows corre

Discussion created by vtleogal on Jun 25, 2009
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I thought I did this in release 8.1 but in v12 it is not working.   I created a custom attribute: projected start date - on the task object> WBS and Task Edit Views.I want the date to roll up to the phase level. When I open the project up in OWB it correctly reads/populates this attribute as rolled up from the tasks, but Clarity simply keeps what you enter.ExampE;  Phase                                   Projected Start                         Actual Start (We relabeled the out  of the box start)Initiation                                                                                                         6/1/09   Task 1                               6/1/09                                                      6/2/09    Task 2                               6/4/09                                                       6/1/09   Task 3                                6/3/09                                                       6/3/09  When I open this in OWB the project start for the phase will correctlyy show as 6/1/09 (the earliest date of the tasks - like the Acutal Start does oob)When I view the schedule in Clarity, it keeps exactly as typed in per task, but the phase is blank, unless I manaully enter the date. So, even if I SAVE the value in OWB at the phase level, Clarity does not recognize it -- only if it is entered manually.Any ideas? My utlimate goal is to capture the Project Start Date of the phase    without it being manually keyed in-- trying to get it to roll up like OWB does.Any thoughts on fixing this or another way to go? thanks   Message Edited by vtleogal on 06-25-2009 03:28 PM [left]