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Resources and investments hours by day

Question asked by corcunda on Jul 2, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2011 by another_martink
I need to develope a report that contains the resources hours posted and theirs projects.
But  my  time  sheets  are  sliced  by  week.
How  can  I  get  the  hour  about  a  specific  resource  in  a  specific  day?
the  resource  'fabio'  id  '500036'  in  the  '2009-JUL-02  THR'  put  '3  hours'  into  project  'Development  IDE'  ID  '501620'  in  the  task  'make  'GUI'  id  '50001'
the  resource  'fabio'  id  '500036'  in  the  '2009-JUL-03  FRI'  put  '7  hours'  into  project  'Development  IDE'  ID  '501620'  in  the  task  'make  'GUI'  id  '50001'  
Now  I  concentrated  to  get  the  hours  by  day  only,  but  I  get  only  the  hours  by  week  because  my  time  sheet  are  sliced  by  week.
What  table  or  view  was  filled  with  the  days  hours?     Following there are a archive with my quarry, it is what I can do.      
Thank  you. I  hope  someone  spend  your  won's  time  help  me  in  this,   Corcunda