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Index Lock Files not being cleared

Question asked by Owen_R on Jul 2, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2010 by SankhadeepDhar
Hi  We are experiencing issues with index lock files which are not automatically being deleted on the app server after the lock has been released.   This is causing problems with  with users being unable to upload/check-out documents in Project Collaboration folders and other performance issues.  When the lock files remain they cause SPs in the database to freeze.   An example is WSS_Content_DealBuilder.dbo.proc_FetchDocForHttpGet.  When the DBA manually releases  the procedure all the documents get uploaded and performance improves.   We delete the lock file manually from the app server  but after a while they reappear.   Lock files can appear during the working week and at weekends/out of hours when system usage is minimal.  We operate 8.1 FP2 in a clustered environment and  store our documents in the database (SQL).  We run the index content for searches job hourly as per the default setting.   CA have advised us to rebuild the indexes manually on the server but the lock files still occur after we do that.  Would appreciate any suggestions that might identify an underlying cause.  Thanks in advance  Owen