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OBS granted access rights and sub-projects/ programs

Question asked by Phil_S on Jul 2, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2009 by Dave
We are attempting to set up a security group for some senior managers. The broad aim of this group is that it should provide wide-ranging rights to view portfolios, programs and projects - but not much in the way of editing rights. Most of the rights granted through this group use a department OBS to allow viewing rights over all nodes at a given level and below.    The particular problem we are having is with projects which are nested in a parent project or a program. It would appear that the permission "Project - View Management" allows our group to see most of what we want them to. However the users dig down to the hierachy of subprojects in a project or program and try to open one of these they get an "Unauthorised access" error message (type 401). This happens even when the sub-project is in a branch of the department OBS which has been made open to the group.  Obviously we can get round this problem by getting the relevant program or project managers to add in our resources (or their group) with manager access. However we would prefer a top-down solution. Is there one?  We are using 8.1sp3. I am listing the detailed rights we have to the affected group below for information:   INSTANCE RIGHTS: None   OBS RIGHTS (Department node X and below where X is the department all the projects and prgrams we are looking at are in):Asset - Hierarchy - Financial Rollup - View
Asset - View
Asset - View Allocation Information
Asset - View Financial
Asset Benefit Plan - View
Asset Budget Plan - View
Asset Cost Plan - View
Department - View
Design Authority - View
Idea - Hierarchy - Parents - View
Idea - View
Impact Assessment + Feedback - View
Location - View
Page - View
Page Definition Viewer
Portfolio - View
Portfolio - View Scenarios
Portlet - View
Process - Edit Definition
Process - Start
Process - View Definition
Project - Hierarchy - Financial Rollup - View
Project - Risk, Issue, Change Request - Create/Edit
Project - Risk, Issue, Change Request - View
Project - View
Project - View Access Rights
Project - View All - CEAF
Project - View All - Design Authority
Project - View All - Impact Assessment + Feedback
Project - View All - Project Review Board
Project - View All Fields
Project - View Allocation Information
Project - View Documents
Project - View Financial
Project - View Management
Project - View Requisitions
Project - View Tasks
Project Benefit Plan - View
Project Budget Plan - View
Project Cost Plan - View
Project Review Board - View
Resource - View
Resource - View Access Rights
Resource - View Book
Resource - View Financial
Resource - View Ideas
Scenario - View
Service - Hierarchy - Financial Rollup - View
Service - View Financial   GLOBAL RIGHTS:   Company - Document Manager - Read - All
Company - View - All
Company - View Financial - All
Knowledge Store - View All
Software Download - Microsoft Project Interface
Timesheets - Navigate