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Applying security in custom reports

Question asked by Owen_R on Jul 7, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2009 by Owen_R
We have an OBS structure which we use to hide sensitive projects.   We have a custom actuate project status report, which when run as an ad-hoc job uses in-built security in the report parameters so sensitive projects are hidden if you do not have the correct view rights.   However,  this report is also run as a scheduled report by the admin  and returns data on all projects including sensitive ones.   The output of the report is available in the report library to all users.   I would like to be able to apply security to the report so that the sensitive material is not returned.  I can obviously apply hard-coded filters in my SQL where clause to exclude anything in the sensitive nodes of the OBS but is there a cleaner solution, either through rights applied in Clarity,  report parameters  or by using SQL in a similar way to the Security clause in NSQL?  Any suggestions gratefully received!  Owen