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Mutilple Application Instances

Question asked by sundar on Jul 12, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2009 by sundar
we have 16GB Ram allocated to Application server and allocated
3.5GB as JVM Memory and the app is down due to Java out of memory error frequently irrespective of sytem resources are 80% free.we tried our best to increase/decrease/monitor the JVM but nothing worked.The one option which CA has advised that is to try for 2 application instances each 1536 JVM,has any one tried this option and how is that working with out any Load balancer.How it works.
Pls share your experience and advice.

Our Hardware:-
We have 2 boxes each with the same config mentioned below.One has app,db,reports and another one has DB.
16GB Ram,Sun E480,Solaris 2.8,Oracle 9.2,Orion 2.02.
Clarity 7.5.2