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Linking to Business Objects Report from a Change Request through Linking

Question asked by picis on Jul 14, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2011 by Robert Ensinger
Good morning -  We are in the process of upgrading to Clarity V12, and currently have it set up in a test environment.   Currently we're on Clarity 8.1 and the biggest change for us is moving from Actuate to Business Objects .   We have a Custom Report that has been set up and works within the Reporting & Jobs area of the application.   From the Change Request object, I am setting up a link to the custom report, but the link is not working correctly, I receive the following error message - "RPT 0009: Report did not complete in the stipulated time. Please try modifying the filter or schedule the report and view later from the Report Library". We have the same concept successfully implemented in our 8.1 production environment, but it links to a Custom Actuate report.   I've attached several screenshots of the process steps I followed to set up the link.   If anyone has thoughts/recommendations, they are much appreciated.  Thank you,   - Mark Message Edited by picis on 07-16-2009 04:51 PM [left]